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pie day, pie day
posted by 21eyes - March 29 2011 12:09:09 PM
A king, his sister, a friend, and the friend's wife come over for pie. They all want a slice, but the chef decides to cut it into 3 peices. Due to an oversight, no one has a knife. And for some obscure reason they don't want to ask anyone to cut the pie. Without cutting the pie, or anyone dying (soooo many people have just said kill one of them when I ask the riddle)(and please don't say one guy is tyed up in a corner somewhere so he doesn't get a piece), how is this solved?
Reply by budunk - March 29 2011 12:17:00 PM
Each can take turns eating one bite at a time until all the pie is finished. (Assuming you want all to have an equal share of pie and you can't cut it with a fork).

Reply by Ragib - March 30 2011 04:08:41 AM
what about the king being his sister's 4nd?then 4nd's wife would be queen and there will be 3 people to eat 3 pieces.

Reply by Caprico - March 30 2011 07:45:59 AM
But he didn't say, "her friend", he said "a friend"... That probably indicates to the king, right? If not, then maybe you're right, or if not, then the sister could have a husband, who's also her friend (applying similar logic to Ragib's) and so the friend's wife is the sister herself, and then there are just 3 people, so they all get a piece!

Reply by 21eyes - March 30 2011 10:02:14 AM
congrats caprico and ragib
and I suppose budunk is right too, I never thought about it like that

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