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Parachute Problem
posted by Sifat - January 22 2011 05:22:49 AM
Shortly after jumping from an aircraft at 5000 or so feet, a man deploys his parachute. When he looks up he sees a rather large hole in his parachute.

Nonetheless he lands safely without
assistance and without using his reserve chute. Why did he survive?
Reply by Caprico - January 22 2011 05:34:09 AM
Most parachutes have a hole in them. Its a built-in thing to provide for a streamlined fall...

Reply by Caprico - January 22 2011 05:36:47 AM
by the way, please post some innovative new riddles, not copied and pasted from another site. I've read all of these before, and what more, on a single site. Its no fun. Clearly, no one else visits this site, so first of all, slow down, and second of all, post some well thought-of riddles on your own, not just ones already on the net.

Reply by Sifat - January 26 2011 06:42:06 AM
If u have read all of these before then please do give the right answer. I didn't find your answer in ALL of my riddles atleast.

Reply by Caprico - January 27 2011 02:04:51 AM
You don't get the point. I would like to think something new. Its boring posting answers that you know. Some of your riddles are new to me, and I love to think of different ideas and thoughts.

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