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One way
posted by 21eyes - June 02 2011 11:58:43 AM
One day a bus driver passed a no left turn sign in the street. At the indicated corner he went left. He went against traffic on a one-way street, and he passed a police officer. He was not stopped, and he wasn't given a ticket. Why?
Reply by Kiola123 - June 02 2011 03:38:23 PM
Because the police was sleeping.

Reply by pinguhash - June 02 2011 09:17:49 PM
Some Zombie day Survivors,
Police became zombie, ha ha ha
One of the answer

Reply by Ragib - June 03 2011 05:53:01 AM
he was not driving

Reply by Caprico - June 03 2011 09:08:21 AM
Because it was the bus-driver, and not a bus! He's walking on the road.

Reply by 21eyes - June 06 2011 11:33:06 AM
Congrats Ragib

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