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One Laytto
posted by Rashly11 - November 21 2011 10:51:31 PM
A man was found dead : Dying Message : One Laytto
suspects :
Ichi Nekomichi
Ichi Sawaguchi
Ichi Hikari
Ichi Sakai
who is the culprit and why??
Clue; It involves Japanese...
Reply by DaeKaMagUtek - December 12 2011 08:42:47 PM

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Reply by Kaze23 - December 30 2015 04:13:54 AM
Ichi Hikari because the phrase 'one laytto' means 'one lighto'.ichi in Japanese means one and light in Japanese is hikari.So,Ichi Hikari is the culprit.

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