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Old english riddle #1
posted by 21eyes - April 26 2011 10:10:58 AM
Oft I strive with wind and wave,
Battle them both when under the sea
I feel out the bottom, a foreing land
In lying still I am strong in the strife;
If I fail in that they are stronger than I
And, wrenching me loose, soon put me to rout.
They wish to capture what I must keep.
I can master them both if my grip holds out, If the rock brings succor and lend support,
Strength in the struggle. Say me my name.
Reply by Ragib - April 27 2011 07:21:51 AM
plants of water?

Reply by 21eyes - April 27 2011 12:04:13 PM
no, think of things that norsemen or other old english people would think of

Reply by 21eyes - May 02 2011 10:26:14 AM
Here's a hint, it is something that is on a ship

Reply by Caprico - May 04 2011 05:29:04 AM
An anchor!!!!!!!!

Reply by 21eyes - May 05 2011 09:26:15 AM
Congradulations Caprico,

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