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OER4 An ex-Thane
posted by 21eyes - May 05 2011 09:36:32 AM
Time was when I was weapon and warrior;
Now the young hero hoods me with gold,
And twisted silver. At times men kiss me.
At times I speak and summon to battle
Loyal companions. At times a courser
Bears me o'er marchland. At times a ship
Bears me o'er billows, brightly adorned.
At times a fair maiden fills me with breath;
At times hard and headless I lie on the board,
Bereft of beauty. At times I hang
Winsome on wall, richly embellished,
Where revelers drink. At times a warrior
Bears me on horse, a battle adornment,
And I swallow, bright-shining, the breath of his bosom.
At times with my strains I summon the heros
Proudly to wine. At times I win back
Spoil from the spoiler, with sounding voice
Put foemen to flight. No say what I'm called.
Reply by Caprico - May 05 2011 10:50:54 PM
A horn? A conch?

Reply by 21eyes - May 06 2011 10:59:52 AM
Yes to the first on, no to the second. Congrats Caprico

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