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oer#3 A Cursed Thane (Thane = warrior)
posted by 21eyes - April 28 2011 11:35:05 AM
A lonely wanderer, wounded with iron,
I am smitten with war blades, sated with strife,
Worn with the sword edge; I have seen many battles,
Much hazardous fighting, oft without hope
Of comfort or help in the carnage of war
Ere I perish and fall in the fighting of men.
The leavings of hammers, the handwork of smiths,
Batter and mite me, hard-edged and sharp;
The brunt of battle I am doomed to endure.
In all the folk-stead no leech* could I find
With wort or simple* to heal my wounds;
Mut day and night with deadly blows
The marks of the war blades double and deepen.

*-These are methods of healing
Reply by Ragib - April 28 2011 12:57:47 PM
frustrating,it is.i hate what am i riddles.and your riddles are very long.still trying to understand.

Reply by 21eyes - April 29 2011 10:21:21 AM
well... I like them, and it isn't my fault that they told long riddles back then

Reply by Caprico - April 30 2011 03:10:24 AM
Sounds much like a kite-shield to me...

Reply by 21eyes - May 02 2011 10:23:14 AM
Congradulations Caprico

Reply by Caprico - May 04 2011 05:29:19 AM

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