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OER #2: This Is My House
posted by 21eyes - April 26 2011 10:15:05 AM
My house is quiet, I am not loud;
But for us god fashioned our fate together.
I am the swifter, at times the stronger,
My house is more enduring, longer to last.
At times I rest; my dwelling still runs;
Within it I lodge as long as I live.
Should we two be severed, my death is sure.
Reply by Ragib - April 27 2011 07:23:58 AM

Reply by 21eyes - April 27 2011 12:02:18 PM
no hearts beat, so it would be loud

Reply by Caprico - April 30 2011 02:57:27 AM
A turtle?

Reply by 21eyes - May 02 2011 10:22:46 AM
close, they both live in the same area

Reply by Caprico - May 04 2011 05:30:54 AM
A tortoise?

Reply by 21eyes - May 05 2011 09:24:45 AM
no, I meant they both live in water

Reply by 21eyes - May 05 2011 09:25:12 AM
ooops, the previous fact is a big hint

Reply by Caprico - May 05 2011 10:22:11 PM
I thought of an oyster when I read your riddle... But the line "At times I rest; my dwelling still runs" didn't quite fit... Could also be a clam. Or any water creature with a shell or something. What's the answer?

Reply by 21eyes - May 06 2011 11:21:36 AM
its a [hide]fish[/hide]

Reply by 21eyes - May 06 2011 11:22:28 AM
If you want to know why here it is [hide]because the shells don't run while they rest while a river does, and no turtle or clam could be faster or stronger than its shell, when people put their head under water they don't hear much, fish aren't loud, and they die when out of water[/hide]

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