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North, East, South, West
posted by Tesseract42 - December 05 2013 02:54:49 PM
You are in another prison, and this one is in the rainforest. There are four ways out of this one. North is a black hole waiting to swallow you up. East is a bottomless pit that is 1000 meters wide. In the south there are 50 lions that have not consumed any food or water in a month. Finally, in the west, there is an impassable wall that cannot be walked around, climbed over, passed through, etc. You have no supplies or anything to help you escape. Which way do you go?
Reply by MuzzyNFFC - December 08 2013 07:05:25 PM
ill gamble and say the lions are south

Reply by Tesseract42 - December 12 2013 07:09:15 PM
Ding ding ding ding!

Reply by sudhanshu - June 30 2014 06:26:02 AM
west bcz you can climb over trees and pass the wall

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