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posted by NeonEmoBoy - April 05 2013 02:51:41 PM
A man was found dead, choking on a grape, the man did not normally eat the grape. What did he die from?
Reply by pinguhash - April 11 2013 09:06:30 AM
He may have inserted the grapes up his nostrils!

Reply by Ender - May 07 2013 01:49:32 PM
He showed it up his butt the it came out his mouth and presto! He died...

Reply by Ender - May 07 2013 01:49:42 PM

Reply by ky9vanchhay - May 12 2013 09:56:07 PM
Because he could not breath when someone choke a grape in his mouth.

Reply by Klemon03 - May 27 2013 04:36:52 PM
he got a little skin in his mouth, started coughing of food poisoning and the grape went into his mouth

Reply by theboss - October 08 2013 09:02:48 AM
He died from eating the grape irregularily

Reply by Kaze23 - January 16 2016 09:53:11 PM
He was drunk?

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