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Nine Letters
posted by Kaze23 - December 28 2015 11:27:39 PM
Nameless City

A murder had happened in Unknown Neighbourhood.The victim,a woman named Aelita and she works as a counselor at a high school.She lives alone in a terrace house and still not married.Beside her corpse,police found a piece of note with a code written on it left by the murderer.The code says:-

I am a nine letter word.
123-another word for stupid
45-opposite of 'are'
56-first and last from 'saint'
78-first and second from 'and'
9-it is in 'tap,throne,trick,tale'
It is not about name...
Find the similar word after you solve this...
And you will find me easily...

The polices suspect four of her closest and nearest neighbour to be the murderer.The suspects are:-

1.James-A bank safety guard
2.Kelly-A tailor
3.Tristan-A football coach helper
4.Hanna-A matemathics teacher

All of them were at home when the incident happened.Based on the clue given,who is the murderer?
Reply by Paradoxic - August 20 2016 10:50:55 PM
123 - Dim
45 - is
56 - st
78 - an
9 - t


Tristan? (Not sure)

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