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MurderRiddle3; The note
posted by Eon369 - February 18 2013 08:31:41 PM
On a monday in july, a woman was brutally killed she was forcely beaten and garroted. Most of the body was burned so finding trace evidence was scarce. The only clue they found was a note written by the killer. On one side of the note had a list of seven names.

'Mark, Jon, Billy, Francis, Cole, Marcus, Jim,

On the other side of the note is a riddle.

There is a half moon which shines bright on past nine illuminating the horizon line.
A poor girl was brutally murdered garroted and beaten now that has crossed the line.
So let us consult about Jon, the one so calm and carefree, but does he deserve time in a pentatenary.
Him and the girl are good friends, good friends indeed, words from his own mouth, 'she should only be with me'.
Ah, the jealous type, and his the worst of the kind, she cheats once and now you have murder of the 2nd degree.
Now francis is the rugged biker type, always with a cigarette in one hand and a lighter for light.
But don't let the girls fragile body deceive you, after all she used to be his wife.
But for sake lets just say that if Francis ever knew about Jon, well that's one bloody fight.
Mark, he's a accountant he works on computers all day, so you probably think he's not guilty, no way.
But your eyes can trick your mind, he is not as innocent as he may seem got bustef for assault, locked up for one day.
Marcus, he is the older brother of Mark, both are perfect ingredients for a rotten cake.
Now Marcus he's a real evil one, keep your eye on him and make no mistake.
If you think i'm lying about him his file will surprise you, with three accounts of attempted rape.
Now poor, poor Billy, he's always so clueless after all, his brain is not all there.
But that's the thing, his mental, and without his medication he will do evil stuff and not care.
And lets not forget about Jim, because we always save the best for last.
Because Jim was the last person to see the girl alive, they had a arguement and he gets mad.
Now she's dead and he's in another state, he sure left pretty fast.
Now I have told you the story of multiple criminals, but you only need one.
So read very carefully if you wan't justice to be done.
You must read through the truth, if you want there to be a killer to find.
But how much of this is a ruse, lies I have told you to screw with your mind.
So try your hardest see what you can see, but make sure it's right then come and capture me.

So detective, who is the killer and how did you figure it out?
Reply by sydthekid04 - February 19 2013 04:14:47 PM
Its cole because his name wasnt in the note

Reply by Eon369 - February 19 2013 09:59:37 PM

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