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MurderRiddle2; The dead hunter.
posted by Eon369 - February 18 2013 02:57:24 AM
A hunter by the name of Dan Robbin was murdered in his cabin, he was repeatedly stabbed, the knife wounds suggest a machette or a bowie knife. There was also a bag over his head. The body was found a week later after the murder. The detective searched the cabin and found a clean SSG 3000 rifle with a sticky note on it that read, 'This is for ten good years of hunting, Ryan Korack.' There was also a bowling plaque, which read, 'To Dan Robbin, for a perfect game.'
The detective decided to investigate the hunting range first. Apon entering he is greeted by the manager.

Detective~ "Excuse me si, are you Ryan Korack?"
Ryan~ "Yes I am, what can I do you for?"
Detective~ "I'm on an investigation and I need to make some inquires, what do you know about a Dan Robbin?
Ryan~ "Yeah I know Dan, one hell of a hunter."
Detective~ "Would he hunt alone?"
Ryan~ "No we do a sort of teamwork thing here, we put people in pairs to go hunting. Here's the list of partners."

Ryan hands the detective a peice of paper with a series of names.
Mark/Don Mike/Kain Micheal/Dan Robert/Juan

Detective~ "Does Micheal come here often?"
Ryan~ "Oh sure, he even has his own locker."
Detective~ "Do you mind if I went see it?"
Ryan~ "Not at all, your just doing your job."

Ryan hands a key to the detective who uses it to open Micheal's locker. The locker had a Arcus 98 pistol, a machette, and a note pad with the writting, "Go to burtlets Dinner with Jon, hunting with Dan, Library."
The note is a week old, and it could tie Micheal to the crime. The detective bids the manager farewell and heads for the bowling lanes.
The detective enters the bowling lanes and asks to speak to the manager. After a breif moment of waiting the managet comes see him.

Manager~ "Yes sir how can I help you?"
Detective~ "I'm currently on a investigation, does the name Dan Robbin mean anything to you?"
Manager~ "Yes it does, he won the perfect game plaque a week ago why?"
Detective~ "Who was he going up against?"
Manager~ " He went up against Jhon Zino."
Detective~ "Do you know where he is?"
Manager~ "Sure his probably in the locker rooms, go check there."

The detective says goodbye to the manager before heading to the locker rooms. When he enters he notices a guy puting bowing balls in a bowling bag.

Detective~ "Excuse me but are you Jhon Zimo?"
Jhon~ ",Yeah thats me."
Detective~ "Sir I need you come to the station it's important."

The police have allready captured Micheal and put him in a interrogation room.

Detectice~ "Dan Robbin was found stabbed to death, do you know anything about that?"
Micheal~ " No, I had no idea what do I got to do with this?"
Detective~ "So you and Dan were hunting partners, but were you two more then just hunting buddies?"
Micheal~ " Yeah you could say that. We would have a litttle get together every now and then."
Detective~ "How skillful are you with a knife?"
Micheal~ " I know how to skin and gut if thats what ya mean."

Detective~ "So Jhon, I hear you and Dan had a bowling competition, so how did you react when you lost?"
Jhon~ "I wad mad of course, I practiced years for that competition and he wins it."
Detective~ "How badly did you wan't that plaque?"
Jhon~ "I wanted it bad enough to kill for it. But that doesn't mean i'll actualy do it."
Detective~ "Jhon, do you own a knife?"
Jhon~ "Yes I own a bowie knife."

The detective begins to peice all the clues together, after a moment of thinking the detective knows who the killer is and puts him behind bars.
Who was the killer, and how did the detective know?
Reply by Lightonlightoff - February 18 2013 08:36:51 AM
John did it because he was very mad that he lost and would have killed for it. He also owned a Bowie knife, one of the weapons the detective expected. John also knew how to skin and gut. A note said to Dan Robbin, for a perfect game. John and Dan played bowling, like a game. Michael and Dan hadn't done any games. The bag on his head could have been Dans bowling bag. The note about the perfect game, the competition Dan won, it was perfect because he won.

Reply by Lightonlightoff - February 18 2013 10:52:54 AM
Well the bowling plaque with the "note" was the bowling trophie. If it was there, John must've done it.

Reply by Eon369 - February 18 2013 07:11:41 PM
Sorry it was Micheal. Now jhon states he would kill for the plaque, so why not take it after he murdered Dan?
Plus the stab marks would also fit a machette which Micheal plus micheal states that him and Dan would have a get together now and then so that means Micheal knew where Dan lived. Jhon only seen Dan from the bowling competition, so had no idea where Dan lived to even perform the murder. But you still gave it a good job you just misunderstood the plaque clue
P.S it was micheal who knew how to skin and gut.

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