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MurderRiddle1; The Shadow
posted by Eon369 - February 13 2013 11:55:10 PM
At 2 a.m a woman named Shelly Black was murdered. Her body was found by the police and a detective is working the case. There are 3 suspects in this case, the victim's husband. According to neighbors Shelly and Mark weren't getting along, there was even talk of her serving him divorce papers. The second suspect was a close friend of Shellys by the name of Hank. And the last suspect was her boss Dannu, word is that danny was using money to get explict things from Dhelly, but then Shelly starting refusing. All 3 suspects wete there at the crimescene around the time she was killed, all are being interrogated by the detective.

Detective~ "So Mark, you and Shelly were getting along?"
Mark~ "What are you saying of course we were, of course we had our fights now and then but the point is we made up."
Detective~ "If you and Shelly made up after every arguemeny, then whats this talk of a divorce?"
Mark~ "You know about that? There was this one arguement we had, I lost my temper and hit her. But I thought she was cheating on me. She went to her friends house afyer a couple of hours later it dawned on me what i've done. So I went to her friends house to apologize around 2:50 I knocked but I got no answer, I saw a shadow in the house and assumed she was still mad so I went home.

Detective~ "So Hank, I hear Shelly went to your house?"
Hank~ "Yes, that's right. She and her husband got into it. He struck her and she came to my place. Around midnight she told me she was craving chips. So I went to the 24/7 store, which is a hour from my house to pick some up. Yeah I know it's a far drive but its open at midnight. When I got I got back my frount door was kicked open and Shelly was dead. And if you ask me only her husband knew where she was."
Detective~ "So you found the body?"
Hank~ "Yes, I got back from the 24/7 store at 2 a.m. I immedately called the police when I found her."

Detective~ "Danny, I hear tell of you and Shelly having explict encounters?"
Danny~ "Yeah, i'm not going to lie. I kept promising Shelly raises if she would give me sexual relief. But one day she tells me she thinks her husband is catching on, and he is one of those if I can't have her no one can jealous types."
Detective~ " So you two just called it off?"
Danny~ "I thought we did, but she called me around 1 a.m saying that she is alone and she want's me. So I go over to the address she gave me but I saw a shadow in the house, it looked like a males shadow, so I left. I got back home at 4 a.m
After thinking it over for a moment the detective knows who the killer is and makes his arrest.
So who did it?
Reply by Eon369 - February 14 2013 04:40:48 AM
The killer is Hank,
He states that he found Shelly's body at 2 a.m but she was murdered at 2 a.m
Also how could he have found the body when it was the police that found it. There was also no mention of it being called in, so he lied about calling the police.
Also both Mark and Danny claim to seeing a shadow but Hank didn't see one, because it was his shadow Mark and Danny saw
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