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Murderous Homecoming
posted by RonyH - July 01 2011 02:28:03 PM
After years of absence, a much beloved father returns home to his family. He has missed them all a great deal during his trip. He opens the door of his house to find his beloved wife and beloved children at home. There is nobody else in the house and their behavior is not unusual: they receive him with great joy. Yet he turns around, locks the door to the house, and sets it on fire, killing his wife and children. He is later rewarded for his deed. Where had the father been and how did he get there?
Reply by RonyH - July 07 2011 01:32:36 PM
OK, seems like my riddle was too hard (or too boring). Here's a hint. The answer to the second question is: "by sailboat".

Reply by John_Gms - July 12 2011 02:35:21 AM
The father seems a bit crazy ! In spite of the hint I'm still unable to figure out where the father had been and why did he do such a thing with his family!!
Please give out the answer asap!
Anyway here's a brainteaser for you -

Reply by RonyH - July 12 2011 11:34:26 AM
OK, I'll lend a helping hand. The father had to use a sailboat since this story is set in the 17th century (or earlier). He has returned from the Far East and, upon entering his home, recognized the signs of the plague on his family's faces. By burning the house, and all the contaminated items in it, he saved the town (at least for a while). He also brought a quick end to his family's suffering.

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