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Monkey business
posted by Riddlemaker - September 12 2011 03:57:35 PM
A monkey is at the bottom of a 33 foot tree. He wants to get bananas at the top of the tree. He climbs up for a minute and then rests for a minute. Ke can climb 3 feet each minute, but each time he rests, he slips back 1 foot. How many minutes will it take the monkey to get to the bananas???
Reply by KirbyKnight - September 12 2011 08:16:28 PM
15 mins

Reply by Riddlemaker - September 13 2011 07:00:32 PM
Ha! It's 31 minutes. Pretty complicated, and hard to explain. It was my math homework :P

Reply by Caprico - September 22 2011 11:45:19 AM
31 minutes... For the start, the monkey's equivalent speed is 3ft-1ft/(1+1 minutes) = 1ft/minute. So 30ft in 30minutes, and in the last minute, he climbs 3ft as is his original speed, and reaches the bananas! :)

Reply by Riddlemaker - December 03 2011 06:42:53 PM

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