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Middle of Nowhere
posted by RonyH - June 30 2011 11:19:04 AM
A man is lying in the middle of the desert, dead. He has a tattoo on his upper arm. He also has a full water canteen strapped to his belt and an empty backpack on his back. There is nobody around for miles and there are no footprints or tire tracks on the ground. If he did not die of natural causes, how did he die?
Reply by Caprico - June 30 2011 11:29:09 PM
1) Of infection because of an infected needle that was used to make the tattoo maybe?
2) Of hypothermia (if its a snow desert)...

Let me think some more, if the above aren't right...

Reply by budunk - July 01 2011 11:09:19 AM
He parachuted in but died on impact.

Reply by RonyH - July 01 2011 02:02:17 PM
I like both of Caprico's answers but budunk's is the one I had in mind. Budunk might have added that the empty backpack was the key: there should have been a parachute but wasn't one. I intended the tattoo and the canteen to hint at a paratrooper.

Reply by Caprico - July 02 2011 12:10:03 AM
Ooooh... Nice one....

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