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Man kills wife
posted by pinguhash - June 02 2011 07:34:53 AM
A man driving his car turns on the radio. He then pulls over to the side of the road and shoots himself.
Reply by Kiola123 - June 02 2011 03:38:55 PM

Reply by pinguhash - June 02 2011 09:08:39 PM

Reply by Ragib - June 03 2011 05:50:26 AM
lateral thinking riddle.make story of your own.

Reply by pinguhash - June 03 2011 07:02:46 AM
Story should fit the Statement.

Reply by Caprico - June 03 2011 09:06:05 AM
1) He must be driving to the airport to receive his family. He hears on the radio that the plane crashed. Feeling no more will to live, he shoots himself.

2) He is a terrorist escaping the state. He hears on the radio that the police have centered in on a car on the highway which they suspect is his, and chooses to kill himself than be caught and tortured. (This is more extreme, but I thought it would be an entertaining story :P)

Reply by 21eyes - June 10 2011 10:04:51 AM
I have one, a terrorist cell invented mind control technology, and in an attempt to harm that country in the most harmful way they transmited it across the radio. The broadcast told the listeners to commit suicide, so the driver accidentally tuned into that station, commited suicide. But the guy loved his car, so his subconsious made him pull over as to not damage it. He also happened to have bought a gun for his skeet lessons, and put it in the back seat. So he then takes his gun and shoots himself, being the first casualty it the terrorist caused world war 3

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