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Locked Inside
posted by NathanHenderson319 - July 09 2012 08:14:50 AM
You're in a mansion and the power's out. You see a green door and a red door. Pick one (it doesn't matter which.) Now you see a purple door and a orange door. Pick one (again, it doesn't matter which you pick). Now you see a door with a golden handle and a door with a silver handle. Pick one. You finally come to some signs on three doors. One says "Death from drowning," another says "Death from machine guns," and the last one says "Death from electric chair." Then you see a big sign off to the side that says "Or stay in the mansion and starve to death." What do you choose and still live?
Reply by Caprico - July 10 2012 04:12:43 AM
Death By Electric Chair. The power's out.

Reply by billythekid - August 06 2012 03:02:03 PM
I was gonna say starve to death if the power ain't out

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