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Light Switches
posted by Boiler - December 02 2011 04:56:48 AM
You find yourself alone in a room. The room contains 3 light switches, all in the "off" position. There's a note that reads:
"In the adjoining room, are 3 light bulbs, and a man with a gun. You may do whatever you want in this room, but as soon as you enter the next room, you have only ONE chance to tell this man which switch controls which bulb.....or it won't be pretty. You may take as much time as you'd like, but you can only enter the adjoining room once....and you'd better get it right!"

How do you escape this dilemma? How do you tell which switch controls which light?
Reply by Caprico - December 05 2011 09:19:03 PM
Umm, you turn on (say) the leftmost switch.. Let it be for 20mins, then shut it off, turn on the next one and walk in the room.. Now two will be off, and one will be on. Also, one of the off-bulbs will be hot, coz of your 20mins of the first switch...
So you know which controls which! :)

Reply by Boiler - December 12 2011 07:08:24 PM
this is correct, also, although, when i solved it, i turned on 2 lights at first, waited half an hour, then turned one off....same principle, though

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