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Light on light off
posted by Lightonlightoff - February 14 2013 06:52:47 PM
There is a bridge that is 20 feet long. You need to cross it. There is a light that turns on every 5 minutes for 2 minutes. It takes 10 minutes to cross the whole bridge. At each end of the bridge, there are two men guarding with guns. If they see you trying to cross when the light goes on, they will tell you to go back. If you don't, they will shoot you and you will die. How can you cross the bridge without getting killed?
Reply by Eon369 - February 15 2013 03:12:24 AM
Okay so if the light comes on every 5 minutes and stays on for 2 minutes then that gives me 5 minutes in the dark with a 2 minute delay. So I would walk the bridge for 5 miutes then stop for 2 minutes because of the light. So it would take me 14 minutes to cross the bridge I think telling me how long the bridge is and how long it would take to cross it is just a distraction. But then realisticly, no matter if I walk the bridge while the light is off once it turns on the guards will see me. So theres no way to cross it, but then again you can run 20 feet in 5 minutes but seeing how it would take 10 minutes to get across that wouldn't work.

Reply by chilidog - February 16 2013 12:06:57 AM
You don't cross the bridge, you go under.

Reply by Lightonlightoff - February 16 2013 03:21:57 PM
nope. You actually cross the bridge. Forgot to mention there is a long river beneath

Reply by Lightonlightoff - February 16 2013 03:38:19 PM
There is a possible answer.. don't push yourself too much.

Reply by sydthekid04 - February 16 2013 10:21:47 PM
When the light goes on just freeze

Reply by Lightonlightoff - February 17 2013 05:16:21 AM
Sydthekid04, you're close but what do you have to do after freezing?

Reply by Ilikeriddles - March 15 2013 12:06:06 PM
You duck.

Reply by Lightonlightoff - April 25 2013 04:33:45 PM

Reply by Klemon03 - May 16 2013 06:07:34 PM
turn around?

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