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King Of Hearts
posted by Rashly11 - November 21 2011 10:12:52 PM
10:30 pm November 1, 2020 while Breth playing cards he was stab to death he see the culprit so you know he has a dying message.the police found a King of Hearts with blood on it.


Jack of spade, Jack of Hearts, Jack of flowers & Jack of Diamond,

without asking their alibi's Pukulot smile then arrested the killer.

How i figure it out???? who is the culprit??

this one is easy guys ^_^ so i know you can solve it in a sec ^_^
Reply by 21eyes - November 29 2011 12:51:47 PM
out of curiosity, why does a person who saw the person kill them have to have left a dying message?

Reply by pinguhash - January 04 2012 06:08:32 AM
Jack of diamond, cos it is easy to stab with diamond then other three...

Reply by DaeKaMagUtek - January 10 2012 08:48:16 PM
Pukulot is the killer. haha

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