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Kids In The Candy Shop.
posted by tommietheturtle - January 31 2014 10:18:19 AM
Two kids walk into a candy shop with their mothers,
*Note that both kid one and kid two spend the same amount of time in the candy shop. The candy shop sells 100 different candies buy the pound including tax for 5$
*(both children are given equal value (one pound for 5$)

Kid One's mother gives 5$ to kid one to buy candy and waits for the kid at the counter.

Kid Two's mother allows kid one to pick one candy and the mother weighs the candy out for the child and pays for it.

Which child will receive greater satisfaction(happiest) with their candy shop experience?

Child One or Child Two?
Reply by Paranoid - February 04 2014 01:32:23 AM
Please edit the riddle, it's hard to understand.

Reply by sn123 - March 02 2014 12:25:04 PM
1 because
2's mother is getting his candy weighed

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