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posted by Ragib - April 03 2011 04:32:41 AM
from 5th april,my h.s.c exam will start.all the riddleguys,please pray for me.especially,caprico,budunk and sifat,as i interacted mostly with you.hope you will be gracious enough.i love bigriddles forum and all who take part here.
Reply by Caprico - April 03 2011 04:53:12 AM
Hey, don't worry, your exams will go very well! :) Our support is with you! All the very best of luck!

Reply by Ragib - April 03 2011 09:03:35 AM

Reply by budunk - April 04 2011 08:28:46 AM
Will do, Ragib. Good luck!

Reply by Sifat - April 08 2011 12:13:00 PM
Best of Luck Ragib.... Hope u will rock in your exams...... And a special thanks to u because once i potesd many riddles and only Caprico answered them But after so much time u made this forum alive and now i am inspered to answer post more riddles....

Reply by Riddlemaker - September 13 2011 07:20:13 PM
I just joined big riddles again, and it's been a year or something. Idk Ragib, but I do know sifat, budunk, and Caprico. Good luck, even though it's too late. :P

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