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posted by Sifat - September 26 2009 03:03:56 AM
The king dies and two men, the true heir and an impostor, both claim to be his long-lost son. Both fit the description of the rightful heir: about the right age, height, coloring and general appearance. Finally, one of the elders proposes a test to identify the true heir. One man agrees to the test while the other flatly re-fuses. The one who agreed is immediately sent on his way, and the one who re-fused is correctly identified as the rightful heir.
Can you figure out why?
Reply by Caprico - January 02 2011 10:23:38 AM
The test probably involved using the king's body in some way. The true son would not want this kind of treatment for his late father, but the impostor wouldn't care.

Reply by Sifat - January 21 2011 10:09:49 AM
The right answer-
The test was a blood test. The elder remembered that the true prince was a hemophiliac.

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