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Impossible Riddle?
posted by SkyeXIII - December 15 2015 05:06:02 PM
I have one thing to say. I am the killer I will make it clear as day. It was truly a thriller. I ram-med my blade through many. But it wasn’t just any. Only those with a lion’s pride. Were targets that I eyed. And though at times my hands were crabby. I’d go after people that lived in an abbey. Others fought back with the strength of an ox. Other’s would go and fight back with rocks. Alas I’d never harm a maiden. To their homes I’ll take no blade in. Even I need balance in my life. An occasional break from causing strife. Regardless I’d have my pincers strike. King or peasant they all are alike. If no pincers then I’ll use a quiver. With precision an arrow I would deliver. While fleeing I’d graze from town to town. If things got excied I’d try and stay down. I’d hide in the mountains, I’d hide in the hills. Blending in with goat herders took keen skills. A few times I’ve even had to swim. Nearly drowning in storms, those times were grim. I’d wake on an island, all alone and cold. Living off fish my life uncontrolled. now you know my entire story. I’ve killed and stolen my way to glory. You clearly know that I’m the bad guy. But I’ve just one question to you: Who am I?

HINT: “Think about the signs of the Zodiac (Not the Chinese ones).”

Guesses to pick from below

1: Born January 28th / RIP Nathan Quinn / Died March 6th

2: Born April 11th / RIP Owen Matthews / Died June 21st

3: Born March 26th / RIP Jack Fisher / Died May 16th

4: Born December 27th / RIP Peter Thompson / Died August 9th

5: Born August 15th / RIP Evan Baker / Died July 16th

6: Born June 23rd / RIP Jon Austin / Died April 3rd

7: Born September 3rd / RIP Pat Simon / Died July 4th

8: Born June 8th / RIP James Ross / Died March 7th

9: Born February 17th / RIP Arthur Alexander / Died October 27th

10: Born August 5th / RIP Frank Foster / Died December 20th

11: Born August 5th / RIP Howard Foster / Died November 11th

12: Born January 13th / RIP A.J. Macintosh / Died October 29th

13: Born April 24th / RIP Corey White / Died March 10th

14: Born January 13th / RIP Andy Walker / Died February 19th

15: Born November 19th / RIP Johnny Evans / Died September 11th

16: Born March 11th / RIP Roger Clark / Died January 14th

17: Born July 26th / RIP William Gray / Died February 8th

18: Born October 26th / RIP Jeff Phillips / Died September 8th

19: Born November 27th / RIP Thomas Scott / Died April 10th

20: Born January 16th / RIP Anthony Moore / Died August 23rd

21: Born December 7th / RIP Billy Miller / Died May 7th

22: Born July 14th / RIP Jerry Williams / Died June 16th

23: Born February 29th / RIP Mark Hall / Died June 20th

24: Born August 16th / RIP Jason Young / Died December 25th

25: Born October 11th / RIP Keith Wright / Died May 15th

26: Born August 12th / RIP Howard Sanders / Died April 28th

27: Born March 21st / RIP Russel Jackson / Died July 24th

28: Born June 8th / RIP Marc Ross / Died December 10th

29: Born April 29th / RIP Eric Martin / Died June 9th

30: Born November 29th / RIP Steven Bryant / Died May 19th

31: Born August 2nd / RIP Joshua Clark / Died November 18th

32: Born February 24th / RIP Earl Hughes / Died October 21st

33: Born March 13th / RIP Patrick Jones / Died July 30th

34: Born May 1st / RIP Clay Morgan / Died November 23rd

35: Born October 8th / RIP Kurt Andrews / Died August 27th

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