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How would you solve this murder case?
posted by Sifat - January 21 2011 05:05:44 AM
I don't know the solution of the following riddle but still want to share it with u. If u know the answer, please free even to guess for that.

Your a top notch detective, you were in your house eating food when suddenly the phone rings. You pick it up to answer it and you find that the power shuts off. You hear a scream coming from the local department store. You rush to get your Sherlock Holmes stuff. You go there to find a dead woman, 2 shell casings, a bloody knife, gun powder, one slit in the woman's head and no holes. This store sells white gloves,guns,knives,powder,and gun clips.This has 6 floors, Floor 1 is home goods F2 is clothing for 'men F3 is men clothing F4 is kitchen supplies F5 are weapons and F6 is misc.There are atleast 20 people in the store and it is 8:35 PM. The cameras aren't operating due to the blackout. You had to pry open the sliding doors.
How would you solve this murder case?
Reply by Caprico - January 24 2011 04:08:54 AM
Okay, the first mystery are the shell casings. As I heard a scream, but no gunshots, means no gun was fired, and the bullets were just pried out of their shells maybe. (don't know the point of that!)

The gun powder is probably also just spilled.

F2 and F3 are confusing, as both are for Men clothing.

The murder weapon is obviously the knife.

This is the most I can think right now.

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