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How to escape from the cell?
posted by tkchua - August 20 2011 05:36:22 AM
Two persons are trapped in a cell built with high wall, the wall will require three of their height stack up each other in order to escape. The guards will check on them regularly three times a day. However, one of the days, two of them managed to escape the cell without any aids. How could it be possible?
Reply by ElChristo - August 20 2011 09:49:45 AM
One person stood on the guard's shoulders, and the next in turn on his. The man directly on the guard's shoulders climbed up the man who could now reach the top of the wall and then helped that man finish his way up the wall.

Reply by tkchua - August 29 2011 11:28:30 PM
No, you can't make use of guard. Only two of them can help each other.

Reply by pinguhash - August 31 2011 10:16:10 AM
Dug out a tunnel, if failed used the mud from tunnel to make a block of their height stand on it and FREEDOM!!

Reply by tkchua - September 10 2011 01:13:18 AM
No, the floor and walls are constructed with solid concrete and steel.

Reply by theboss - October 11 2013 06:11:03 AM
Used the bed, toilet, both layed down walked up eachothers hands and feet if cell is small enough

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