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How heavy?
posted by juggler - December 18 2010 12:17:40 PM
There is a cube witch is made of a material with a density of 1 pound per square foot. If the cube is five feet tall, five feet wide, five feet long, what is its mass?
Reply by Riddlemaker - December 18 2010 04:21:38 PM
25 feet.

Reply by Drakelar - December 19 2010 02:32:07 PM
25 feet duh,

Reply by overload - December 19 2010 04:53:04 PM
infinite mass. I say that because it says square foot, and there are infinite 2-d planes in any 3-d object. It asked for mass, not feet. Also, 5 cubed is 125. And finally, 'm pretty sure he met which, not witch.

Reply by Caprico - December 31 2010 04:44:07 AM
Yeah, density is supposed to be mass per unit volume, not area... I agree with overload, its infinite mass.

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