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HouseHold Items
posted by Sifat - January 21 2011 12:57:29 AM
Five women each purchase a household item for use in a different room.

1. Mrs. Simpson does not keep her item in the bedroom.
2. Amy has a television; Mrs. Griggs has a hi-fi.
3. Kylie does not keep her item in the bedroom.
4. Clara does not have a telephone.
5. Mrs. Williams does not keep her item in the kitchen.
6. Kylie keeps hers in the conservatory.
7. Michelle has a bookcase; Mrs. Dingle has a computer.
8. Michelle does not keep her in the living room.
9. Mrs. Pringle keeps hers in the study; Roxanne keeps
hers in the kitchen.
Reply by budunk - February 01 2011 03:07:07 PM
I made a table:

Roxanne Simpson - Kitchen - Telephone
Clara Griggs - Living Room - Hi-Fi
Amy Williams - Bedroom - Television
Kylie Dingle - Conservatory - Computer Michelle Pringle - Study - Bookcase

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