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posted by Boiler - December 02 2011 05:02:31 AM
While i was going to St. Ides
I met a man with 7 wives
His 7 wives had 7 kids
Their 7 kids had 7 cats
The 7 cats had 7 sacks

Sacks, cats, kids, wives, how many were going to St. Ides?
Reply by Caprico - December 05 2011 09:10:32 PM
This is an old classic! Only one...

Reply by Boiler - December 12 2011 07:09:06 PM
only one? how do you figure? ;)

Reply by Caprico - December 13 2011 10:37:33 AM
You're the one going to St. Ides, and you met people, which is an indication that all of them were returning... So you're the ONE going to St. Ides! :)

Reply by Boiler - December 13 2011 08:24:58 PM
correct, of course....i just wanted an explanation before i conceded the winner....i HATE having people just guess right ;)

Reply by Caprico - December 14 2011 06:29:32 AM
Hehe... Same here! :)

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