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Fox, Chicken, and Corn
posted by ZigZoeSasFuz - May 10 2012 09:52:48 AM
You have a chicken, a fox, and some corn. You come to a river with a boat on the shore. You can only take one item at a time to get over to the other side. How do you get the fox, the chicken, and the corn over all without them eating the other?
Reply by Sifat - May 11 2012 01:40:47 AM
1.First, take the chicken. Keep it other side. Come Back. (Fox does not eat corn)
2.Go back, take the corn to the other side. Take the chicken and come back(chicken can't eat the corn now)
3. Keep the chicken in the first shore and take the fox in the boat and cross the boat with it.
4. Now, fox and cron are on the new shore alone(again, the fox can't eat the corn)
5. Now go back on the first shore to take back chicken on the 2nd new shore...

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