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four children
posted by admin - January 12 2010 12:12:54 AM
Another submission by one of our readers:

Mary's mum has 4 children.
1rst is named April
the 2nd is named May
the 3rd is named June..

What's the 4rth childs name?

Reply by jblatt33 - February 25 2010 06:54:13 AM
The 4th child's name is Mary.

Reply by kumar_riddle - March 17 2010 01:14:01 AM

Reply by Kokoshk - April 04 2010 08:59:39 PM

Reply by Sifat - May 20 2010 04:54:43 AM
YA MARY, It was tricky but very easy. Maybe we heard it a couple of times and know the answer.

Reply by gibby1 - June 21 2010 06:53:41 PM has good riddles
and you win money if you get them right

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