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find the relation
posted by Ragib - April 02 2011 01:52:28 AM
jack is sam's dad.jill is sam's aunt(paternal).mary is jill's mom.if sam is not mary's grandsön,then how is this possible?
Reply by Caprico - April 02 2011 10:41:04 AM
Sam could be short for Samantha, thus Sam is Mary's grand-daughter & not grandson! [I don't know if this is the right answer, but pretty sure, its logically correct]

Reply by Ragib - April 02 2011 07:46:49 PM
ya,u r right.i guess u got clue 4m micromax ad!

Reply by Caprico - April 03 2011 11:47:53 AM
Which Micromax ad? Nope, was just a wild guess... :P seriously...

Reply by Ragib - April 04 2011 12:42:17 AM
do u speak hindi?or tamil,telugu,marathi?

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