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Feed me Seymore
posted by 21eyes - April 01 2011 11:58:19 AM
Feed me and I grow
give me a drink and I die.
What am I?
Reply by budunk - April 01 2011 02:38:05 PM
[hide]A FIRE!!!![/hide]

Reply by Caprico - April 02 2011 10:27:44 AM
What if I give it kerosene to drink? Won't it grow? :P [I'm not trashing the riddle huh, don't get me wrong, asking a genuine logical question]

Reply by 21eyes - April 04 2011 09:59:59 AM
it is supposed to be relating it to an animal to try and confuse people. Most animals wouldn't drink kerosene.

Reply by Caprico - April 07 2011 06:29:34 AM
Lol... Good enough! :)

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