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Doctor Dodge
posted by Tesseract42 - October 14 2013 12:28:56 PM
Doctor Dodge lives in a cabin on the edge of a large lake. One day, a man comes to his cabin and knocks on the door, in a panic. When Doctor Dodge opens the door, he says, "Help, help! Assassins are chasing me and I need somewhere to hide!" Doctor Dodge thinks for second and pulls out a bamboo pole with the diameter of a quarter and a five-foot length. He says, "Take this pole and jump into the lake. You can breathe through this and the assassins won't see you." The man thanks Doctor Dodge and jumps into the lake with the pole. Later, Doctor Dodge hears the sound of footsteps and gunshots outside his window fading in and out of distance, who he thinks come from the assassins. The next day, a park ranger finds the body of the man floating on the surface of the lake. There are no marks on the body and after an autopsy, it is discovered he died from poisoning (not drowning). However, the bamboo pole he was holding did not have any poison in it, nor did it have any holes or crevices. After Doctor Dodge was questioned about the incident, he was immediately arrested for murder. How did he kill the man?
Reply by Sflanagan - October 24 2013 07:52:33 AM
Lake was poison

Reply by Tesseract42 - November 01 2013 03:20:45 PM
The poison wasn't from the lake or the pole itself.

Reply by elradz - November 07 2013 01:53:57 AM
something to do with the length of the pole i'm guessing

Reply by yoloswag - November 15 2013 11:17:07 PM
The man died of carbon dioxide poisoning, since the pole was too wide and long for the man to breathe air. He died by breathing his own breath. Dodge is a doctor who should have known about the pole and the gunshots were probably the assassins', which missed the man.

Reply by Tesseract42 - December 05 2013 02:31:53 PM
Ding ding ding!

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