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Depression of the insane killer
posted by 21eyes - March 30 2011 10:32:34 AM
True to his word the killer let Budunk go, but fell into a depression. He decided to go kidnap some royal families to cheer himself up. He managed to get 4 families. Each family had one son, and ten servants. The 1st king was known as a helpless romantic called Henry. The 2nd was called James, and he owned the largest ruby mine in Europe. The 3rd, called Jim, used to shovel manure before marrying in to power. The 4th, Bob, was insanely violent and often beats people to death. Each family had a servant who wore their king's crest, these servants were the strongest seravnts at times, and at others they were the weakest. The killer sealed them all in a small box. What were the 4 crests?
Reply by budunk - March 30 2011 01:06:13 PM
I'm not understanding this riddle.

Reply by 21eyes - March 31 2011 06:40:32 AM
Recall that there are 52 in a box

Reply by 21eyes - March 31 2011 07:00:19 AM
OH CRUDDDD... I may have forgotten to mention that each king had one wife, so it didn't add up to 52 before...
my bad
I really shouldn't rush

Reply by Caprico - March 31 2011 11:08:25 AM
Haha... This is soooo easy! He just stole a deck of cards! Henry is the king of hearts, James is of diamonds, Jim is of Spades, and Bob is of clubs... Their 10 servants are the rest of the 10 cards, the prince is the Jack, and their wives are the Queens!!!!! :D If you had told it a little more nicely, it would have been a much better riddle!

Reply by 21eyes - March 31 2011 11:27:38 AM
sorry, I'm not the best at recalling things from the top of my head

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