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posted by Rashly11 - November 03 2011 09:40:12 PM
There was a Rich man who owns a very big mansion.He was a rich and wise guy an famous until one day, an accident happened. One of his adviser's flower pot fell on his head. He used all his energy to go to the computer to write a death note ( He was using the computer which was near the balcony. He was looking for fresh air until he was hit by the flower pot which was on the balcony of his adviser.) . He wrote: "zserfvsdfrewsdfgvcedcdfgtgb" The suspects who were in the house was, Wade, his adviser, Ash, The butler, Charles, the cook, and christian, the driver. Each person has an alibi. Wade was in his room watching TV and doing his advisory stuff... , Ash was cleaning in Wade's room but he was far away from the flower pots because Wade cherishes them and he wouldn't let anyone, not even the police, touch them. Charles was in the kitchen preparing for dinner. Christian was in the garage fixing the flat tire which broke on his way picking up the rich man. There was only one suspect. You can only answer it by decoding the death note which the rich man wrote before he died.
Reply by praveen_bang - November 04 2011 05:51:15 AM
Wade is the suspect. He doesn't allow any one to touch the pots except him !

Reply by Rashly11 - November 21 2011 06:22:34 PM
[hide]Wrong! XD[/hide]
[hide]Clue: zserfvsdfrewsdfgvcedcdfgtgb[/hide]

Reply by Caprico - November 25 2011 12:54:37 AM
[hide]Its Ash.[/hide] Awesome riddle! :D

Reply by pinguhash - January 04 2012 05:52:42 AM
LoL, it was Christian may be, how can he fix the tire which pierced on the way...
Or looking at the pattern of the keys pressed on keyboard,
zserfvsdf-A, rewsdfgvc-S, edcdfgtgb-H

Reply by DaeKaMagUtek - January 10 2012 08:43:46 PM

Reply by Rashly11 - April 01 2012 06:59:21 AM
Yeah... Its ASH...
[hide]-CASE CLOSED-[/hide]

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