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Death by a Mysterious Object
posted by KirbyKnight - August 04 2011 08:30:00 PM
John is dead curling up close to his stomach. Some pellet shape objects are lying next to him.

What was John and what happened?
Reply by pinguhash - August 31 2011 10:20:26 AM
fish, fish scales removed by fisherman?

Reply by KirbyKnight - September 01 2011 06:09:56 PM
clue: insect[hide][/hide]

Reply by Caprico - September 11 2011 07:20:56 AM
John is a moth, and he's lying next to some mothballs???

Reply by KirbyKnight - September 12 2011 08:13:34 PM
huge clue: it's a common pest that like cabbage

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