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Dead with metal bar
posted by KirbyKnight - August 01 2011 08:27:27 PM
Louis is lying dead on the ground with a metal bar on top of him.

What was he and how did he die?
Reply by budunk - August 03 2011 08:45:02 AM
A weight lifter who died in a weight lifing accident.

Reply by KirbyKnight - August 04 2011 08:13:17 PM
Not right

Reply by KirbyKnight - August 07 2011 08:19:10 PM
Hint: The metal bar is part of a trap

Reply by ElChristo - August 20 2011 09:52:32 AM
He was a mouse and died in a mouse trap.

Reply by KirbyKnight - August 23 2011 06:10:45 PM

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