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Dark Reader
posted by grimreaper - October 27 2010 01:50:42 PM
Sergi and Sally where sitting in their family room one night. While Sergi was watching T.V his wife Sally was reading. All of a sudden the power went out and Sergi decided to go to bed, but Sally kept on reading. With no use of artificial light, Sally kept on reading. How?
Reply by EGFMike7 - October 27 2010 10:28:09 PM
It was sunny

Reply by Drakelar - December 09 2010 02:00:08 AM
She was blind, duh

Reply by Riddlemaker - December 15 2010 08:07:05 PM
It was in the day. Not the night. The other slept cuz se wanted to.

Reply by grimreaper - December 16 2010 08:36:52 AM
One person has the right answer . Read the riddle carefully.

Reply by Caprico - January 08 2011 04:33:30 AM
Yeah, she's blind and is reading Braille...
@ Riddlemaker: He has mentioned that it is night.

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