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Curse you Budunk
posted by 21eyes - March 29 2011 11:40:56 AM
A person named Budunk is captured by killer. The killer asks him a riddle and says he can go if he gets it right. Budunk gets the riddle right, but the killer says he got it wrong. After some harsh words are exchanged, the killer gives him a choice. If Budunk says a true statement then he will be burned alive, if he tells a false one he will be drowned. What does Budunk say?
Reply by 21eyes - March 29 2011 11:43:06 AM
I forgot to write the answer while typing this, should the admin care, here is the answer

Reply by 21eyes - March 29 2011 11:45:16 AM
Oh crud, I actually pressed post too early, I'm sorry
[hide]Budunk should say that he is going to drown because it would make a paradox[/hide]

Reply by budunk - March 29 2011 12:01:31 PM
Hahaha, I love you 21eyes. ;-)

Of course the answer is to say: "I will be drowned."

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