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choose your unrealistic death
posted by 21eyes - June 02 2011 12:06:24 PM
One morning while all the flowers were in bloom, you come running to a fork in the road. You must press forward because you are being chased by zombies that want to drink you eyeball juice. On the left there is a raging fire that would turn your bones to ash. On the right, a lion guards the path, it was voted the most deadly watch animal in the world, and, to make it angrier, it hasn't been fed since it won the award in fall.
which path should you take?
Reply by Kiola123 - June 02 2011 03:37:50 PM
Go through the center.
A fork is a 1 lane to 3 lane road.

Reply by Caprico - June 03 2011 09:11:23 AM
The answer is the lion road, as it has not been fed in years, it'll be dead. And a fork is a road that divided into two. What you're thinking is a cross-roads.

Reply by 21eyes - June 06 2011 11:33:43 AM
Yep Caprico

Reply by theboss - October 11 2013 06:57:50 AM
Fire way. Paths don't light on fire

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