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posted by 21eyes - March 31 2011 10:18:01 AM
A man marries 5 women, he does not divorce any of them and none of them die. All the marriages were legal. How is it possible?
Reply by Caprico - March 31 2011 11:00:28 AM
Wordplay! He's a minister... He can "marry" other people... Like, pronounce people husband and wife... so he "married" 5 women! Am I right?

Reply by 21eyes - March 31 2011 11:26:30 AM

Reply by Ragib - April 01 2011 11:06:46 AM
go to nigeria or south africa.polygamy is legal there.

Reply by 21eyes - April 01 2011 11:38:07 AM
well I suppose that you could do that...

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