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caprico,where r u???
posted by Ragib - September 11 2011 06:00:46 AM
caprico,r u preparing for iit?do u read pearson guides?if u do,then please tell me if they r good or not.can u recommend me good books???
Reply by Caprico - September 11 2011 07:18:40 AM
I WAS preparing for IIT... I didn't clear it.. missed it by very little though... I'll suggest DC Pandey (there are 5 or 6 books, for each different unit) for physics and Arihant's Organic Chemistry... (Its a HUGE book, but if you complete that, you'll definitely crack chem part of the paper)..
All books are good for maths... all you need is practice...

Reply by Ragib - September 11 2011 06:26:10 PM
tnx.u couldn’t make it to iit!!once again,in vain,do u have a fb ac?mind adding me?

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