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can you solve this? wrote it the other day.
posted by leemcmenemy - April 27 2018 06:26:55 AM
Cut myself shaving this morning
Got another gash in my tash
So I dabbed it with a blip of water
And I dropped on to the floor
Down here being, the floor
Waiting around for some-one
Along comes Jim, in human flesh
Totally better than the rest
I want to go to sleep now
So I set the alarm
Then I wake up
Loud as f##k
Jim plonks me on the head
I get up
Grap a cup
Then I get poured, in
Then I have a wash & head down the hole
Say hello to a furry friend
Darting on threw, the tubes
Quicker than mice
Being bitten by lice. What am I?

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