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Can you help the police, and find the murderer
posted by Fullmetal - March 27 2013 04:12:05 PM
Mrs. Hansen was found dead in her bedroom. Killed by a knife wound in the chest.

Investigators could tell me that Mrs. Hansen always tend to have the door to her bedroom locked when she is there.

And the killer has probably knocked on the door to get to her.

What has happened is that the killer has stabbed Mrs. Hansen in the chest as soon as she opened the door, but she didn't die immediately.

However, she has managed to close the door and lock it, so the killer never came into the room.

Then she tried to crawl towards the end of the room where she has bed and a desk standing side by side.

Probably to try to give a message about who killed her.

But she has failed to come up to the desk where she has pen and paper lying and instead collapsed and fell dead about halfway up in her bed with her right hand lying on a blue and yellow gift paper.

Police think the fact that, she was about to wrap gifts when the killer knocked.

All witness statements indicate that there were only four people in addition to Mrs. Hansen in the house when the murder occurred, and that the killer must therefore be among them.

- It was the South American maid Ana Lucia who has worked for several years for Mrs. Hansen. She was the first who realized that something was wrong when Mrs. Hansen did not answer when she knocked on the door with lunch.

- Dr. Christer Green is Mrs. Hansen's personal physician and the rumors say that they had a relationship. The doctor said he was upstairs in the bedroom ten minutes after Ana Lucia too give Mrs. Hansen her daily medication. She did not open when he knocked on as he assumed that she was busy.

- Ivar Hansen is deceased Mr. Hansen's son and Mrs. his stepson. He watched TV in his room when Ana Lucia shouted at him. Together with Dr. Green, he broke into the room to Mrs. Hansen when they realized that something was wrong. Ivar then called the police while the doctor examined Mrs Hansen.

- Eivind Steina is a friend of Ivar and was visiting. He said he did not know Mrs. Hansen, and he spoke also sat on the toilet with constipation while all this happened.

Investigators believe none of the four have particularly good alibis and that it is difficult to know who has done it.

So the police officers are asking you for helping them solve this murder. Can you solve it, and find
the one who is behind this awful murder.
Reply by Fullmetal - March 27 2013 04:14:26 PM
And please use the hide block feature, we dont want to spoil for others(thank you!)
Might contain spelling errors.

Reply by Lightonlightoff - March 31 2013 05:43:49 AM
[hide][/hide] The maid maybe??

Reply by Fullmetal - March 31 2013 01:47:18 PM
How did you come to that conclusion?

It is in the text you just gotta concentrate and find the link between the murderer and the murdered:)

Note: I noticed a error in Eivind's statement just remove "spoke also" and your good

Reply by gree1cody1 - April 10 2013 08:02:10 AM

Reply by pinguhash - April 11 2013 09:29:56 AM
I think Dr. Green, because when someone die their brain works 500% faster. So, Hansen chose the fastest method without any manual labor i.e. pointing her right hand towards color, -> Blue+Yellow=Mr.Green
And moreover he is lying about the medication, since most of the time medication is given after having food, and Ana found her master dead when she was taking lunch. I guess mystery solved.

Reply by Fullmetal - April 26 2013 08:20:57 AM
Yes, gree1 and pinng, you are correct!

Reply by theboss - October 08 2013 09:08:02 AM
Maid. said it was.

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