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Buried Treasure
posted by Sifat - January 21 2011 02:02:59 AM
An old parchment describes the location of buried treasure:

"On the island there are only two trees, A and B, and the remains of a gallows. Start at the gallows and count the steps required to walk in a straight line to tree A. At the tree turn 90 degrees to the left and then walk forward the same number of steps. At the point where you top drive a spike into the ground. Now return to the gallows and walk in a straight line, counting your steps, to tree B. When you reach the tree, turn 90 degrees to the right and take the same number of steps forward, placing another spike at the point where you stop. Dig at the point exactly halfway between the spikes and you will find the treasure."

However, our hero when he gets to the island finds the gallows missing. Is there any way he can still get to the treasure?
Reply by Sifat - January 21 2011 02:03:56 AM
Take a deep breath after reading the riddle. Then read the riddle twice if u want and then think with a cool mind.

Reply by Caprico - January 25 2011 03:58:51 AM
Wow, this is a good one... I can't think of anything, and I've been trying ever since when. Does it have anything to do with making a locus of all the points, something something? Or is it just plain logic? Do I need paper and pen, or can I solve it mentally?

Reply by Sifat - January 26 2011 09:14:11 AM
U do can solve it mentally

Reply by Caprico - January 27 2011 02:21:28 AM
Umm... A gallow is where you execute people, right? And its supposed to be quite heavy. So it must have left an impression on the ground? I mean, grass would not have grown around the place or something... Is that it?

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