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Budunk's Riddle #4
posted by budunk - March 23 2011 10:20:22 AM
I have two different heads. The first requires an x and the second requires a -. I spin around for a time, and then I'm done, unless you spin me back. Without me, the world will fall apart.
Reply by Ragib - March 29 2011 11:28:35 AM

Reply by budunk - March 29 2011 12:04:55 PM
They come in different sizes, types, and material. They aren't very big, either.

Reply by 21eyes - April 01 2011 11:49:29 AM
a screw
I got help from my 'awsome' sibling

Reply by budunk - April 01 2011 02:25:07 PM
Yay! Nice job!

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