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Boudicca's birthday
posted by Tragri - January 05 2013 07:35:23 AM
Boudaccia died 129 years after Cleopatra was born. If you add their ages of death together, you get 100. Cleopatra died in 30BC. So, when was Boudaccia born, and how did you work it out?
Reply by pirahana - January 07 2013 05:58:14 AM

Reply by Ragib - January 28 2013 08:42:41 PM
let,age of cleopetra be x.then,her birthyear is -30-x and boudicca'sp99-x.age of him was,birthyear 99-x-(100-x)=-1 =>1 BC

Reply by justhuey - January 27 2016 02:27:25 PM
1 BC

The answer above is a poor way of explaining it. I'm actually not even sure how they came to that answer. You have a couple pieces. You know that the age of the two together equals 100 years. You also know that there are 129 years from the beginning of the life of the first to the end of the life of the second. This leaves 29 years unaccounted for. At this point, you just move forward 29 years from 30 BC which brings you to 1 BC.

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